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Mittwoch, 14. September 2011


STATEMENT OF IJAN (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network) regarding Freiburg Confernce. Classification: TOXIC MATERIAL

Answer from Dr. Gabi Weber, sent to IJAN on October 5tj 2011.
Obviously IJAN didn´t publish this answer on their homepage. Until now people who dare to read and spread texts of Gilad Atzmon are embarassed by so-called "Anti-Zionists".

Betreff: Re: In response to Atzmon's video

Datum: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 22:49:22 +0200

Von: Dr. Gabi Weber


Good evening "International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network",

thank you for your email and the statement you sent me, as well as ....

In Gilad Atzmon´s video nobody accused Hajo G. Meyer personally that he "caved into relentless pressure from anyone". Gilad Atzmon simply said that "S. K. and M. L. were relentlessly putting pressure on some of our panelists". What you forgot to mention is that Hajo G. Meyer was - initially - provided with wrong quotes of Gilad Atzmon´s texts. And you also forgot to mention that Mr. Meyer never accused G. Atzmon of being a Holocaust denier or an anti-Semite.

Interesting that you talk about "growing numbers of those refusing to share a platform with Gilad Atzmon". Is four or five persons a "growing number"?

By chance I know, that Ghada Karmi was abroad for several weeks and could not be part of the panel in London.

Also by chance I was participating at Stuttgart conference last year. Ali Abunimah expressed his opinion about what Mr. Atzmon had said the day before and that he didn´t agree with it. Is this "to dissociate"?

Heidar Eid didn´t refer to Atzmon´s adress publicly. He gave his speech on Friday, 26th of November. Gilad Atzmon was on the panel on Saturday, 27th.

To call Gilad Atzmon an "anti-semitic ideologue and promoter of holocaust denial" is insulting, defamatory and condemnable.

Could you please provide us with the true sources of your quotes? Actually it is Karl Marx who said “Jewishness is capitalism and vice versa” and not Gilad Atzmon. You find these words in "The Jewish Question", written in 1843 by Karl Marx.

As much as I would expect you to be more familiar with Jewish dissent culture, I expect you, who accuse Gilad Atzmon of being an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, to REALLY read his texts.

Taking quotes out of context, forging them, putting sentences together in a different order as the original one is simply pathetic. Spreading this kind of material is unaccountable.

If you really shared the "collective responsability with those committed to a more just and humane world" you would never act like Israeli Hasbara agents.

Kind regards

Dr. Gabi Weber, Freiburg

P.S. Below you find some of the endorsements of Gilad Atzmon´s new book. I guess that compared to this impressing number of adademics, journalists, activists and thinkers, the "growing number of those refusing to share a platform with Atzmon" you are referring to is quite miserable.

"Gilad Atzmon decided to open Pandora’s Box, and ignite a debate that has been frustratingly dormant for too long. His experiences are most authentic, views are hard-hitting, and, at times, provocative. It must be read and discussed." Ramzy Baroud, Palestine Chronicle

"A transformative story told with unflinching integrity that all (especially Jews) who care about real peace, as well as their own identity, should not only read, but reflect upon and discuss widely." Professor Richard Falk

"Essential to an understanding of Jewish identity politics and the role they play on the world stage." Professor John J. Mearsheimer

"Atzmon’s insight into the organism created by the Zionist movement is explosive." Professor William A. Cook

"A pioneering work that deserves to be read and Gilad Atzmon is brave to write this book!" Dr. Samir Abed-Rabbo

“Gilad's escape from spiritual claustrophobia towards a free and open humanitarianism is fearless” Robert Wyatt

“In his inimitable deadpan style, Atzmon identifies the abscess in the Jewish wisdom tooth – exilic tribalism – and pulls it out. Ouch!” Eric Walberg, Al Aharam Weekly

“It is more than an academic exercise. It is a revelation!” Lauren Booth, Press TV

"A brilliant analysis that makes what appear to be contradictions in Jewish identity based political behavior not only comprehensible but predictable." Jeff Blankfort

"Atzmon has the courage - so profoundly lacking among Western intellectuals" Professor James Petras

“Having known Gilad for 25 years, I read the book in English, I heard it in Hebrew and reflected on it in Arabic. Gilad Atzmon is astonishingly courageous” Dr. Makram Khoury-Machool

“Gilad Atzmon is someone who encompasses what it means to be an intellectual.” Kim Petersen, Dissident Voice

“Gilad Atzmon is the Moses of our time, calling all of us out of the Egypt of our boneheaded nationalisms and racialisms and exceptionalisms and chosen-people-isms toward some form of humanistic universalism.” Dr. Kevin Barrett

"Perhaps only a musician could have written this sensitive, perceptive lament over how so many Jews, believing themselves to be doing 'what is good for the Jews,' have managed to carve the heart out of the Palestinian nation and make this tragedy look like the natural order of things." Kathleen Christison

“Gilad's The Wandering Who? would have been a welcome delight to Albert Einstein just as it will be the irritating nemesis for Abe Foxman ideologues.” Dr. Paul Balles

“A book that will shake up a few people….” Gordon Duff

“Engaging, provocative and persuasive.’ Jeff Gates

“When you finish reading this book, you may likely as well see a different face in the mirror.” Professor Garrison Fewell

“The Wandering Who deconstructs the unique political identity that shapes the reality of the Jewish Nation and the crimes committed in its name. As a non-Jew, I found it illuminating!” Sameh Habeeb, Palestine Telegraph

“The Last Jewish Prophet” Professor William T. Hathaway

"Atzmon is an iconoclast.” Dr. Paul Larudee

“Like all truth tellers of any merit Atzmon can expect the wrath of the powers that be and their minions as a reward for what he is exposing. People like Atzmon will have played a vital role in saving us from ourselves if indeed we do manage to survive. Love and respect to my brother Gilad Atzmon.” Ken O’Keefe

“The magical and yet extremely subtle gift that Gilad Atzmon offers through his personal journes in The Wandering Who? is the wisdom of disillusionment.” Shahram Vahdany, MWC News

“Atzmon's writing respects no sacred cows. His wit is biting, his insight and logic compelling.” Richard A. Siegel

“Sometimes a brash, abrasive provocateur is what is required as a catalyst for genuine debate.” Sunny Singh
 "This is a very perceptive and instructive book" Roy Ratcliffe

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